What is a Mobile Pass?

The mobile pass is a great option if you are new to GoFan or want to offer another option for those that plan to go to many events. This digital pass is not tied to any events, instead it resets based on a predetermined amount of time. For example, schools will select to reset a pass every two hours so when a fan validates their pass at an event on Friday night it resets to be able to be used for a game on Saturday morning. We can create season or sports specific passes to customize to your school’s needs. If this is something you would like to offer send us an email at support@gofan.co and please provide the following items to setup your mobile pass on GoFan:

  •         Name of pass(es)
  •         Pass price
  •         Date sales should close
  •         Reset period (ex. pass will reset after two hours)
  •         Details other than name to capture from fans at purchase
  •         Any information to include on the GoFan page on the mobile pass (ex. Not valid for tournaments and playoff games)